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Carnival opening


Carnival Opening-Cologne

Carnival time is so important to German culture that it is known as the “fifth season”. And of all the cities in Germany where carnival is celebrated, none is more impressive than the Cologne Carnival. Cologne carnival is Germany’s world famous equivalent of the Rio Carnival in Brazil, with over a million visitors each year. It is, without doubt, one of the greatest street parties in the world. Up to 70,000 partygoers will gather in Cologne’s beautiful Heumarkt square to kick off the festivities. Then, at 11:11a.m on the 11the November, Carnival will officially start!

Why 11? Well, tradition says that the number 11 represents foolishness. The German word for 11, “elf” also remembers the motto “Egalité, Liberté, Fraternité” (equality, liberty, fraternity). Nobody really knows the reasons behind the tradition. Our favourite explanation is the idea 11 also stands for the Eleventh Commandment, which turns all the rules upside down. This is very appropriate to Cologne Carnival: When the carnival music starts Cologne is transformed into a Carnival madhouse. It is something you do not want to miss !nd of course Yes-Trips will take you to the front row.

What does the trip include?
– Travel back and forth to Cologne on Wednesday the 11/11, so that you don’t miss a thing! Perhaps the only thing you will miss is one day of classes (but hey… YOLO)
– Breakfast sandwich upon arrival
– 2 Travel Guides per bus, who know everything and will make sure that you have a great time.
– A Survival Guide that contains all info to have a great day in Cologne
– A great time at a unique event!

– Departure depends on your specific departing city and times.
– After this early departure try to get some more rest on the bus, or socialise with your fellow Yes-Trippers & friends!
– We arrive around 09:30 AM, and after a breakfastsandwich, we head to one of the many squares filled with partyfolk (make sure to bring some drinks!)
– Enjoy the day in Cologne partying with ze Germans and other Yes-Trippers (or do some sightseeing).
– At the end of an awesome day, we gather around 19:30 at the buses to take you back to your city of departure, to arrive at around 20:30 (Maastricht will be a little bit sooner).
– We’re keen on your opinion, so let’s keep in touch after the event! We love to hear how you experienced the trip. We would also like to share our most awesome pictures, try and find youself on them!

The departure times are as following:
Groningen: 06:00 from the Central station
Utrecht: 07:00 from the Jaarbeursplein

If you have any more questions, or just have a comment or two, please do let us know at

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Oktoberfest 2017

Visit Oktoberfest in Munich with Yes-Trips… Everything from the travel to the accommodation is taken care of, all you need to do is to buy a ticket!

In order to make sure that you see Oktoberfest in the most Bavarian way, Yes-Trips has set up a complete package. Here is what it looks like and what is included in our Oktoberfest Package:

What’s Included in the Oktoberfest Package?
– Travel back & forth through the night to Munich so that you don’t have to miss a thing.
– Accommodation on our awesome campsite in our festival tent. Field Beds & Sleeping Bags are provided (just bring your own pillow!)
– Breakfast on both days.
– 2 Travel Guides per bus, who will make sure that you don’t miss a thing.
– An Oktoberfest Survival Guide / Manual, to get the most out of your experience and to tell you everything you need to know.

 For more information and tickets, visit our Facebook 

Background on Oktoberfest:

The first Oktoberfest was held on October 12th 1810 to celebrate the marriage of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. Prince Ludwig wanted his people to join in with the festivities. He organized a horse race, with vast quantities of beer available for the spectators. It was so successful that Ludwig decided to organize another festival the year after. And another festival the year after that. And another. And another. And so Oktoberfest grew and grew into the phenomenon that it is today.

Since then, Oktoberfest has grown beyond anything that Ludwig might have imagined. With over 6 million visitors annually, Oktoberfest has become the largest beer festival in the world. A proud part of Bavarian and German tradition, Oktoberfest is living proof that these people know how to party and have been doing it right for centuries. Food, music, Lederhosen: there is something for everyone to enjoy. But most of all Oktoberfest it is about getting together with friends, drinking the greatest beer in the world and having a fantastic time. Oktoberfest is a sight to behold, and a spectacle that you simply cannot miss.

   For more information and tickets, visit our Facebook

King’s Day


King’s Day-Amsterdam

The Netherlands was a pretty awesome place before they decided to throw a public holiday and national celebrations on the King’s birthday. Now, the rest of the world can simply look on in awe as thousands upon thousands of people swarm the streets on the 27th of April. No other monarch on Earth can rival the sheer party-mania that is found on the streets of Amsterdam during this time. Like so many other things, the Dutch are also good at throwing a party. Already one of the most fabulous capital cities worldwide, Amsterdam transforms into an epic open air venue for over 1 million visitors, all dressed in orange. And all ready to party.


There really is no party like a King’s Day Party. The canals become jammed with boats, each hosting various parties. Onlookers stand on the bridges, singing, dancing and joining in the fun. Intimate cafes and hidden corners are often populated by small music stages and artist of various genres. World class DJ’s come to fill the air with groovy sounds, and hordes of people clad in orange come to dance in honour of their national monarch. King’s Day shows that the Netherlands, despite its small size, is worthy of ranking amongst the greatest places in the world to experience a truly phenomenal party.

More information to be announced soon!



Carnival in Cologne

Not only is this Cologne the ultimate party experience, it is a piece of tradition so firmly embedded in German culture and history that it is difficult to imagine Cologne without it. For hundreds of years, thousands upon thousands have made the partying pilgrimage to Cologne to celebrate in an excessive style that would only be acceptable during Carnival time. Needless to say, vast volumes of alcohol are consumed, costumes are worn, and Germans celebrate in the street to the sound of Carnival music.

The season of celebrations lasts from 11th November all the way through to Ash Wednesday in February, with intermittent periods of recovery and rest between the most intense times of partying. During the greatest times of Carnival, the city will be filled with people adorned in remarkable costumes and masquerade balls will be held throughout the city. Great, enormous effigies will be paraded throughout the city and burnt on Shrove Tuesday. With over 1 million visitors in fancy dress, parties and celebrations continuing day and night, Cologne Carnival is a surreal experience. More than anything, Cologne Carnival will redefine your concept of what partying is all about.

ST Patrick’s day


St. Patrick’s Day-Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day is a phenomenon. Argentina, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, USA and South Korea are some of the countries which celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrations for St Patrick’s Day have even been held on The International Space station. Yet St. Patrick’s Day remains distinctly Irish. It is a day of Irish pride. It is a day of cultural and religious celebration that follows nearly 300 years of tradition and history. It is the day where the patron saint of Ireland is celebrated in a way that no other patron saint can rival. It is a day where everyone, everywhere, wishes they were Irish. And St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland, is 10 times as crazy as St. Patrick’s Day anywhere else.


Yet before you join the festivities, it is worth remembering what this is all about. Legend holds that St Patrick drove out snakes from Island and that he abolished pagan practices. He also wrote about the British mistreatment of Irish Christians. Most importantly St Patrick immortalized the shamrock as a national symbol for Ireland, by using the 3 leaf clover to describe the Holy Trinity. Food. Parades. Guinness. Leprechauns. Buskers. Music. Street Performers. St Patrick’s Day in Dublin ranks among the greatest celebrations in the whole world. Make sure you go. And make sure that you wear something green.

More info to be announced soon. 




Not only is Germany home to Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival, it is also home to Springfest, Stuttgart. Aside from being the second largest beer festival in Germany, Springfest is Europe’s largest and most popular spring festival, attracting 1.5 million tourists each year. Less crowded than its bigger brother, Oktoberfest, it is a perfect place to socialize with friends and soak in sunny springtime vibes.

If you want to take a break from the magnificent beer tents, then you can stroll around the festival and you may be surprised at what you might find. With over 4.2 hectares of land, the festival has something for everyone. Food stalls, decked with the finest and most specialized cuisine are littered everywhere. Live bands and side shows are found around every corner. Shoppers can find anything and everything, with textiles, jewellery, material, household items and more . And, of course, the rides; rollercoasters, fairground rides and the mighty Ferris wheel. At 47 metres tall, the wheel towers above the festival as an iconic symbol of Springfest.

More information will follow soon

San Fermin Bull Runs


San Fermín Bull Runs-Pamplona

The San Fermín Bull Runs are deeply rooted in Spanish and Basque history, particularly in the history of Navarra, the region where Pamplona finds itself. There is a history behind the festival, dating back hundreds of years. No one knows exactly when the festival first started, but elements of today’s festival can be traced back as far as the 14th century. That means that generations upon generations have been flocking to Pamplona each year, improving it and evolving it into one of the greatest and most ancient events in Europe; if not the world. A fiesta like no other, the festival revolves around “el encierro”: the running of the bulls. A herd of bulls, weighing hundreds of kilos each are released onto the street of St Domino, following centuries of tradition. They charge after hundreds of participants, who run frantically to the finish line before they are violently trampled or gored. The people of Pamplona like to live dangerously.

Yet there is more to San Fermín than wild Spaniards running from bulls. Dancing, music, cuisine, fireworks, theatre: each and every aspect of an unforgettable party is deeply embedded in history of San Fermín. Even as far back as 1926, it was a party like no other, and was part of the inspiration for Hemingway’s first novel: “The Sun Also Rises”, published in that year. Now, despite being a major destination for tourists, the San Fermín Bull runs are as special and steeped in tradition as they were 90 years ago. Come now and experience it for yourself in Pamplona.

More information will follow soon

Bastille day


Bastille Day-Paris

14th July, 1789. This date is one of the most important dates in French history and is central to understanding French history and culture. On this day an angry mob attacked a state prison, known as The Bastille. The prison had become iconic of the monarchy’s dictatorial rule, and storming the prison was a culmination of significant internal tensions within France. The mob broke into the prison after a violent and bloody battle, killed the governor and paraded his head through the streets on a spike. The incident marked the beginning of the French revolution, in which the monarchy was overthrown and a republic was founded on the ideas of Liberté, égalité, fraternité (liberty, equality and brotherhood).


Celebrating France’s first steps towards democracy has become a yearly occurrence with a national holiday.  Nowhere is the party more lively than in the capital; Paris. Parties rage through the city from morning till night, with military processions, dances and parades, with something for everyone of all ages and tastes. In the evening, Paris becomes home to one of the most spectacular firework shows on Earth, with fireworks launched from the iconic Eiffel tower. Bastille Day is a central feature of French history and culture. Come now to the City of Love and experience one of the greatest national celebrations in Europe.


More information will follow soon

La Tomatina


La Tomatina-Buñol

Quite simply, this festival is about tomatoes. There are a lot of tomatoes. Over 145 000kg. The party was unofficially started by accident, way back in 1945. A group of boisterous Spanish youths got into a little trouble in the vegetable market and, before they knew what was happening, the incident had escalated into a fully-fledged food fight. With food being thrown left right and centre, the market was a warzone and the town descended into chaos. Eventually the police were required to bring the situation under control.


Naturally, the food fight was the most fun that many of the residents had ever had. So, they decided to throw one again the year after. The police tried to quash early attempts at creating an annual food fight, but slowly and surely, every year; it became tradition to bring tomatoes from home and to wage violent war in the market square. Now, the festival has grown enormously, becoming one of the most famous and international festival in the world. With over 145,000kg of tomatoes, the whole town square is covered in red. Rivers of tomato juice flow abundantly. Come now and rejoice in the vegetable bloodbath. You will have the time of your life.


More information will follow soon

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