Study Trips

For various student associations we have helped organizing their study trips.

As a company specialized in organizing unique trips we have helped various study associations set up their very own experience. Together we plan and set up in such a way that your study association gets exactly what it is looking for.

The study trips are similar to the city trips. While the student association decide on the destination they desire, we together make sure that the trip is as epic as you imagined it to be. The study trips always combine a good mix of cultural activities and the best the city’s nightlife has to offer (pub crawl, club nights, cantus…).

First we support the travel commission with our knowledge and expertise and fulfill as much tasks as they want us to. While we do the dirty work they can focus on the fun part of the trip. Or at least the things they want us to organize. Consequently most of the student associations want to do study related activities such as going to particular museums, universities etc. We can combine that with entertaining activities such as for example laser tag in Berlin.

Besides making it an unique experience, we are usually able to organize it a lot cheaper compared to organizing it by themselves. Together with our experience in these cities we can advise them with the best places to go. Additionally we set up the trip in such a way that there is no financial risk for the student association.

Examples of recent Study Trips

Successful trips in the past have shown that Yes-Trips and the travel commissions can form an incredible team. By working together we can create memorable trips which the members will never forget. Here are some examples of past trips:

SSW to Budapest: Last spring we organised a 5 day  study trip to Budapest together with SSW Leiden. After flying there we spent these days exploring, partying and creating epic memories. The highlight of the trip has to be the beer cantus that was set in a original Ruin Pub.
Uranymus to Krakow: One of the most interesting cities in Europa has to be Krakow, and together with Uranymus Utrecht we enjoyed a great week in Poland. Visits to the Salt Mines and Auschwitz filled the cultural part. Pub crawls and club nights made sure the nights were filled.

Study Trip Photos

Laser tag in Berlin with S.V. Exploratio during one of our study trips
Laser tag in Berlin