Oktoberfest is truly one of those epic events you see on the news and every year you would wish to be there. Lucky for you Yes-Trips has set up a complete package so you can fully enjoy Oktoberfest Bavarian style.

Already for centuries Germany and beer are inseparable. The first Oktoberfest was held on October 12th in 1810 to celebrate the marriage of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. Prince Ludwig wanted his people to join in with the festivities. He organized a horse race, with vast quantities of beer available for the spectators. It was so successful that Ludwig decided to organize another festival the year after. And so the event grew and grew into the phenomenon that it is today.

Since then, Oktoberfest has grown beyond anything that Ludwig might have imagined. With over 6 million visitors annually, it has become the largest beer festival in the world. A proud part of Bavarian and German tradition, Oktoberfest is living proof that these people know how to party and have been doing it right for centuries. Food, music, Lederhosen: there is something for everyone to enjoy. But most of all Oktoberfest it is about getting together with friends, drinking, singing and having a fantastic time. Oktoberfest is a sight to behold, and an epic spectacle that you simply cannot miss.


Practical info


During all weekends of Oktoberfest many buses will depart from the biggest cities of the Netherlands and Belgium. Can’t find your city in the list and are you with at least 20 people? Send us an e-mail and we will make sure you get picked up!

Exact departure time and location will be communicated 2 weeks before the trip and the departure times are all between 18:30 and 23:00.

Departure locations:

Departure locations and times are yet to be determined. Keep an eye out for them!

The Campsite

For multiple years now we have been building our own campsite. Tents will be ready for you to jump in after a long day of singing and drinking with a nice and warm sleeping bag, and an air matrass for you to land on.

Entrance to Oktoberfest

Entering the Oktoberfest tents is completely free and our guides will make sure you know exactly where and when to get in line. We will arrive early enough that 99 % of the people get great tables, just the once who don’t listen miss out. You don’t need to wear Lederhosen or a Dirndl however, it is highly advised.


The Oktoberfest trip is organized by Yes-Trips, and Route Du Soleil,

The package

Everyone can sign up via the ticketing link down below. Here is an overview of the different types of packages we offer:

2-Day Oktoberfest Package

A standard package is a 2 day trip departing on either Thursday or Friday. After 2 full days you will arrive back either on Sunday morning or Monday morning (before class starts!). This package costs €149 and includes the following

  • Transport back and forth
  • Breakfast both days
  • Tent, matras and sleeping bag on our campsite (showers, wifi, breakfast and such are provided), all you need to do is bring a pillow
  • Enthousiastic guides that will show you the best parts of Oktoberfest
  • The survival booklet with all the info you need to get around

1-Day Oktoberfest Package

The one day package takes to Munich on friday evening so that you can enjoy a full day of the biggest beer festival in the world and after an amazing day the bus will take you back in the evening.  The one day package only costs €75 and included the following:

  • Transport back and forth
  • Breakfast on arrival
  • Enthousiastic guides that will show you the best parts of Oktoberfest
  • The survival booklet with all the info you need to get around

If you still have a question concerning one of the packages, send us an e-mail at info@yes-trips.com