King's Day


The Netherlands was already a pretty awesome place before they decided to throw a public holiday and national celebrations on the King’s birthday, known as King’s day. Now, the rest of the world can simply look on in awe as thousands upon thousands of people swarm the streets on the 27th of April for one of the most epic events of the year. No other monarch on earth can rival the sheer party-mania that is found on the streets of Amsterdam during this time. Like so many other things, the Dutch are also good at throwing a party. Already one of the most fabulous capital cities worldwide, Amsterdam transforms into an epic open air venue for over 1 million visitors, all dressed in orange. And all ready to party.

Brief history of King’s Day

While today we know the holiday as King’s Day, it started of in 1885 as Princes Day. Due to the troubled relation with the people and the Royal Family and the family, the people’s favorite member and future queen was chosen. The birthday of Princes Wilhelmina was celebrated and when she ascended the throne it officially became Queen’s Day. Even though the date has switched a few times when a new queen succeeded her mother, the tradition has gained a huge momentum in all those years. When in 2014 Queen Beatrix retired, King Willem-Alexander, also known as Prins Pils, the holiday had to make a name switch to King’s Day.

There really is no party like a King’s Day Party. The canals become jammed with boats, each hosting various parties. Onlookers stand on the bridges, singing, dancing and joining in the fun. Intimate cafes and hidden corners are often populated by small music stages and artists of various genres. World class DJ’s come to fill the air with groovy sounds, and hordes of people clad in orange come to dance in honor of their national monarch. King’s Day shows that the Netherlands, despite its small size, is worthy of ranking amongst the greatest places in the world to experience a truly phenomenal party.

The package

Currently we are working on our plans for King’s Day 2018 in Amsterdam. Together with ESN The Netherlands we will be setting up a campsite for all international students that want to scratch this of their bucket list.

More info and details on the exact package will follow soon. In order to give you an idea of what we will be organizing, we will give you an overview of what we have done in the past.

Official ESN King’s Day after party on a boat

In 2017 we launched the official ESN King’s Day after party. Together with ESN The Netherlands we gathered 600 international students  and partied the last hours of the holiday away. The event was sold out within 2 weeks and it will definitely be coming back next year!

Boat parties on the Canals

For various student associations we set up their own private boat party. As a result they were able to see King’s Day the way it should be seen: from the water in the canals.  All boats were equipped with a music system, Dj and unlimited drinks. In case your student association wants to join this crazy ride, make sure to get in touch soon via These boats tend to be booked as early as January!

Tours from various cities in Europe

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