City Trips

Together with our partners we visit the most beautiful areas of Europe during our city trips.

Some of our favorite city trips are:


With its great history that dates back over a millennium and some of the best beers in the world, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. With her mazes of cobbled lanes and hidden courtyards it is a paradise to walk around in, always making you want to explore just a bit more. The city has many pubs with some of the best locally brewed beers; with names you’ll never be able to pronounce. There is plenty to see with the beautiful Old Town Square and the Charles Bridge close by. This stunning city is filled with marvellous historic and modern architecture, which is truly put into perspective by doing a city or boat tour. Prague has the perfect balance of intriguing culture and party opportunities. It has become one of our most popular city trips! Each year during November, together with ESN The Netherlands, we take control of the city by going to Prague with over 1000 international students!

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A modern city known for her beer, the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburger Gate. Berlin has one of the biggest underground nightlife experiences in Europe, it truly is a city that never sleeps. Berliners love nothing more than a good time. With beer gardens, tiny basement clubs and multi-floored disco’s the party never stops. Rich on history as well, walk along the remnants of the Berlin Wall, visit Checkpoint Charlie or the Brandenburger Gate; it’s culture is extremely rich.


As the city of love and romance, Paris lives up to her name. With intimate streets, exquisite cuisine, chic boutiques and priceless artistic treasures it makes you fall in love with her. Some of the beautiful hotspots of Paris being the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées, Notre Dame Cathedral or the beautiful lamp lit bridges on the Seine. Paris can give you the experience of a lifetime, standing atop the Eiffel tower, walking along the Champs-Élysées or eating the world famous French cuisine. Hence this city will makesure you’re never going to forget her.


There is truly no city like Budapest. Here you can find the perfect combination of great food, cultural must sees and an incredible nightlife. After partying all night long in one of the many ruin bars, the best place to recover is in one of the ancient spas. The Danube River separates the two unique parts of the city: Buda and Pest. Opposite from each other there is, Buda being the hilly one, narrow streets, a lot of green residential areas; and Pest being the urban city center with the iconic building of the Parliament stretching along the riverside.


Charming buildings in all colors of the rainbow next to the canals, no city has the charm that Amsterdam has. City of bikes, boats, weed and art, with the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum filled with Rembrandt, Vermeer and other great artists, Amsterdam is a city of glorious culture. Amsterdam is famous for being ”gezellig”, roughly translated to cozy, you’ll have to experience it to understand it. Time stops in Amsterdam. Whether you’re walking around the Prinsengracht, are on a boat through the canals, lose yourself in the paintings or having a beer at a café, the experience of being in Amsterdam is unforgettable.


Next to being home to the biggest beer festival in the world, Munich is also a great city to go for a city trip. When the weather is lovely one of the best things you can do is enjoy a nice beer in one of the many cosy biergarten.

Euro and Road trips

Next to the regular city trips we also organise road trips. During these we don’t just visit one single destination. They are a combination of city trips. As a result we take the best of each destination and putting it together to create the ultimate experience. Here are some examples of Eurotrips we have organized in the past:

ISN Amsterdam and ISN Maastricht: The supertrip which went from Amsterdam to Vienna, from Vienna to Budapest and from Budapest to Bratislave in 5 days.
Unifac in Antwerp: This Eurotrip went from Antwerp to Prague, from Prague to Budapest and from Budapest to Munich.

More City Trips

Unfortunately it is not possible to list all the the possibilities. Especially as there are just too many great city trips that can be organized. Hence, if you and your student association are looking for an experience which is not listed, write us anyway! Together with our amazing team we can take on any destination!

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