The Bucket list events

With Yes-Trips we organize bucket list trips to the unique events in Europe.

Think of events like Oktoberfest, Carnival, Tomatina… Events everyone should see at least once in their lives! By creating affordable student packages we want to give everyone the chance to enjoy these events with trained guides who can show everyone the best parts of the event. Here are some examples of our bucket list trips we organize:


The biggest beerfestival in the world should be on everyone’s bucket list. As a result we have been going to Munich for it every single weekend for the last 7 years. Not just for the beer of course, but mainly because of the amazing atmosphere and the crazy crowd that starts singing at 10 am, and won’t stop till the tents close.

Enjoying a beer at Oktoberfest, one of our bucket list trips

One of our students drinking a beer during Oktoberfest

In 2016 more than 800 international students joined us to this highlight of Bavarian culture and this year it will be even more.

To find more information on Oktoberfest and the various packages we offer, click here. 

King’s Day

Every year on the King’s birthday the Netherlands turns into an orange madness. This is one of the bucket list trips you shouldn’t miss out on. No other monarch on earth can rival the sheer party-mania that is found on the streets of Amsterdam. Everyone jumps on small boats and goes into the main cannals. In 2017 over 1500 people partied with us on one of the boats on the canals throughout the day. On top of that we ended the day on a big festival boat with 600 people!

Check out our King’s Day page for more information! 

Our festival during King's Day, one of our bucket list trips

Our festival during King’s Day


Believe it or not, you don’t need to travel all the way to Rio to experience the ultimate Carnival party and to experience this bucket list trip. Carnival is a piece of tradition so firmly embedded in German culture and history that it is difficult to imagine Cologne without it. Next to Cologne Maastricht is the place to be in Europe to celebrate Carnival. Do you fancy costume parties with 80.000 others?Want to get submerged into an ocean of colour, while listening to folkloric music and drinking traditional german beers? Well haven’t we got the thing for you! Join the biggest street Carnival of Western Europe on the 11th of November!

For more info, check out our Carnival in Cologne page!

La Tomatina

This festival that started of by accident became an epic annual food fight. More than twenty thousand people throw tons of tomatoes thus turning the little village Buñol into a big tomato bloodbath. La Tomatina has grown enormously, becoming one of the most famous and international festivals in the world.


Not only is Germany home to Oktoberfest, it is also home to Springfest in Stuttgart. Next to being the second largest beer festival in Germany, Springfest is Europe’s largest and most epic spring festival, attracting 1.5 million tourists each year. Springfest is the perfect place to socialize with friends and soak in sunny springtime vibes.

More Bucket list trips coming soon

Naturally we are always looking for more bucket list trips to add to our collection of memories. Some events that are high on our list of trips to organize in the future are Saint Patricksday in Ireland, Yacht Week in Croatia or Midsummer in Sweden. Furthermore we are always open for new ideas. In case you see an event that is missing in this list give us a shout!

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