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Epic Trips For Students

Yes-Trips started back in 2009 with a simple bucket list filled with unique trips. After an international exchange, and meeting a lot of international people who all talked about the unique events in their country, a few friends decided to scratch off the first event on that list namely: Oktoberfest. After doing all the research and preparations so many people wanted to join that they went with a full bus. During the first few years it remained a small student project in the city of Maastricht, aimed to help people experience epic trips and events. Finally in 2014 the company Yes-Trips is born.

In 3 years more than 15 000 students joined on various adventures like Carnival, Oktoberfest, Springfest, many city trips and even study trips for various study associations. After the successful experiment in Maastricht, Yes-Trips quickly launched into Amsterdam and steadily grew in more cities. Even though the organization grw, the mission stayed the same: to take people on unforgettable experiences they won’t forget for the rest of their lives.

In 2017 around 6000 students will travel with Yes-Trips. With our partners we make sure that international exchange students and regular students have an amazing time and explore the best that Europe has to offer..

  • Bucket List Events
  • Study Trips
  • City Trips
  • Our own unique concepts
  • Have an idea? Let us know!


We have visited more than 30 different destinations and keep exploring new locations every time.

Happy travelers

More than 15 000 people traveled with us in the last 3 years.


Yes-Trips is active in over 15 cities going all the way from Gent to Groningen


Countless memories have been created and new friends have been made!

What do we stand for

  • Unique experiences

    We want to take our travelers on a unique adventure to a new destination or crazy event.

  • Personalized trips

    We set up the perfect trip for our partners, just the way they like it. No hassle and no problems!

  • Community

    We want to set up a community of like minded people.

  • Create Memories

    Our goal is to create a trip that you will remember forever.

The Oktoberfest After Movie of 2016